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Intelligent Ecosystems.

We put the power of the natural world in your hands.


Grow Indoors.

The most important factor in building a successful, large-scale cannabis growing facility is control. Every element, every measure must be in perfect balance. Tetra’s indoor grow rooms are designed to give you just that: the highest level of control so you can consistently raise high-value, high-yield crops. From state-of the-art lighting and fertilization systems, to humidity and temperature controls, we can perfectly simulate the elements of nature in any kind of indoor environment. 


Optimized + Integrated

All the controls necessary to create a precise ecosystem for cannabis growth. 


Absolute Precision

We see each grow facility as a system of systems, each one optimized and integrated to work together. Collectively, those systems must share information and operate in sync with one another to create a state-of-the-art ecosystem, designed to give life to the product this industry is all about, the plant. We’ve been planning, building and perfecting organic ecosystems in controlled environments for decades and there is no one who knows the science and art of indoor cultivation like us.

We lay the groundwork.

You have an intuition for growing -  so do what you do best.


Master Growers

For our customers, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Success hinges on the ability to adapt to ever-changing variables and a readiness to move when opportunity knocks. We know the challenges of this business, because we’ve lived them. And the science of agriculture is in our company’s DNA. As leading experts in crop cultivation, we know how to harness the energy of nature and control the elements of the environment—both indoor and outdoor—that the eyes cannot see. Our technology provides growers the x-ray vision they need to calibrate and monitor every aspect of their facilities throughout the entire lifecycle of their plants.