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Designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, Tetra benches have proven to be a top choice with growers - increasing canopy square footage by 35%.

The galvanized steel and aluminum design provides a durable and versatile cultivation platform; expanded metal offers a cost-effective support system that resists moistures and chemicals that lead to corrosion.

Capable of performing with multiple bench top styles, plastic trays are vacuum formed and have watertight seals. Spacing between troughs allows for vertical air movement through the bench top, reducing stagnant air and disease.

Our uniquely designed crop supports are kept out of the aisles, giving growers more room to access plants. Crop support can increase canopy.

Drip irrigation with pressure compensating emitters is easily implemented onto any bench. UV resistant drip tubing delivers uniform distribution directly to the root zone. Tubing blocks algae growth and reduces evaporation and runoff through uniform distribution.