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High-yield cannabis plants thrive in a tightly controlled indoor growing environment. With Tetra's dehumidification system design creates an ideal growing environment that ensures a homogeneous and healthy cannabis crop.


Humidity Control

Many commercial greenhouses use evaporative cooling, but these systems use mists wetted pads to lower air temperature, but these create additional humidity. By contrast, standard air conditioning systems can only use 10% to 20% of their energy for humidity contorl. When cooling for long periods of time, the rest of the energy is used for cooling and the growing rooms get too cold for proper growth and production. 

Tetra's dehumidification system controls humidity better than conventional systems and provides precise heating and cooling control. Chilled water cooling provides the ideal growing environment for consistent crop health, where optimum relative humidity levels should range from 50% to 60%. Keeping the vapor pressure deficit hight encourages transpiration and prevents conditions that promote disease growth. By modulating the water temperature to the coil, exact cooling and humidity control can be achieved — a capability that is critical for growing healthy cannabis crops. 


Precise Temperature Control

The chilled water and hydronic heat package engineered for indoor and greenhouse growing is a hydronic process that circulates water through a loop piping system. Circulatory pumps force the water through a heat exchanger, and a fan draws warm air through, cooling it as it passes over cold coils. Fan coils are placed in accordance with the engineered facility layout to accommodate warm and cold areas of the growing environment. For flexibility, this system is broken up into individual temperature zones all supplied by central mechanical equipment.