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Every element of your indoor grow room must be in perfect balance – and grow lights are one of the most important components. Tetra will design a lighting system that integrates seamlessly with the indoor grow controls. Too often grow rooms are pieced together and the lighting systems are not balanced with the facility’s electrical circuits.

Ultimately the most important component of an indoor grow, the lighting system needs to be designed with precision and efficiency in mind. At Tetra we base our lighting layouts on uniformity, spectrum, intensity, energy efficiency, local regulation, and upfront costs. When it comes to lighting there is no one size fits all, the reason being that each grow room is unique depending on the orientation of aisles, walls, plant height, and strain. By carefully analyzing the grow space we are able to create a balanced and economical lighting solution that is certain to grow healthy plants with consistent yields.

With a controlled growing environment, you are able to influence the growth of your cannabis plants by manipulating light exposure. Tetra’s systems are designed to provide the precise levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to guarantee the daily light integral for your cannabis plants.