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Tetra’s systems are designed to provide the precise levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to guarantee the daily light integral for your cannabis plants. We base our lighting layouts on uniformity, spectrum, intensity, energy efficiency, local regulations, and upfront costs.

Each grow room is unique when it comes to the orientation of aisles, and walls, plant height, and cannabis strain. By carefully analyzing the grow space, Tetra is able to create a balanced and economical lighting solution that is certain to grow healthy plants with consistent yields.

led cannabis lights


  • Great for tiered benching

  • Emits less heat, closer to plants for higher light intensities without
    risk of plant damage

  • Electrical efficiency and longevity

  • Multiple color spectral variations for each stage of growth and desired plant response


  • Better light penetration to lower canopy levels

  • Allows for more space between the fixture and crop surface

  • Close–to–ceiling mounting
    Designed to reduce output temperatures

cannabis lighting