You won’t find anyone else who can offer you the same expertise and level of full design/build capabilities, all while providing you the certainty that your craft, your vision and your investment will come to life in the most successful way possible. When you're striving for perfection and the ultimate level of control, it doesn't make sense to piecemeal your operation together. At Tetra, we ensure that everything in your facility is optimized and integrated to work together, because if one piece of the system fails, it puts your production and success at stake. 


High-yield, high-quality cannabis plants thrive in a tightly controlled indoor growing environment. Our dehumidification system controls relative humidity better, providing both cooling and humidity control. 

Tetra’s systems are designed to provide the precise levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to guarantee the daily light integral for your cannabis plants. We base our lighting layouts on uniformity, spectrum, intensity, energy efficiency, local regulations, and upfront costs.

An automated system that integrates seamlessly into your environmental controls allows for absolute nutrient control at every growth stage. Manual systems are unable to provide the consistency and homogeneity needed for facilities growing multiple strains at different life cycles.

Reduce run-off, save money, and consistently produce a high-quality cannabis crop.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, our benches have proven to be a top choice for growers. Increase canopy space up to 35%. Whether you prefer tiered, rolling or standard benching, we provide the perfect option for your grow rooms and various stages of cannabis growth.

Our uniquely designed crop supports are kept out of the aisles, giving growers more room to access plants.